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The internet makes it possible to find out more information than you can possibly use, much less absorb. Information, which is supposed to enable us, disables us due to overwhelming volume. I can spend so much time learning about something that there’s no time left to use what I learned. On top of that, for any piece of information in support of one viewpoint, I can find another piece of information in support of the opposite viewpoint. Information is supposed to enable us to find the “truth”, find the “facts”, and make “informed” decisions. Instead, it’s making us more confused than ever; possibly to the point of becoming catatonic.

But, that’s not what this post is about. I wanted to show you some places to learn about oil wells. There’s a nice explanation at the How Stuff Works website; there’s a good presentation at Wikipedia; and, if you need to decipher oilfield terminology, Schlumberger provides the The Oilfield Glossary

There are no doubt many other websites with similar information. The How Stuff Works and the Wikipedia articles themselves present numerous links to other resources. No doubt, if you follow them, you’ll find even more links, and if you follow them you’ll find…

At some point, hopefully, before you become catatonic from oil well information overload, you’ll decide you’ve learned enough.

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